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What's the difference between an agent and a reseller?

What's the difference between an agent and a reseller?

Agents promote and sell products with the SimplyCast branding rather than their own. Once a client is interested, the Agent will pass their contact information on to the SimplyCast sales team…and then their job is done! SimplyCast takes care of closing the sale, as well as all onboarding, training, customer support, and account management processes, while the Agent earns 35% commission over 2 years (30% in Year 1 and 5% in Year 2), just for initiating sales.

A reseller partner runs their own white-label version of the SimplyCast platform under their branding. A reseller runs the business as their own and earns a monthly revenue from every dollar that their customers pay. Being a reseller is a turn-key business opportunity that is an excellent addition to existing businesses or a new stand-alone business opportunity.

Which one benefits me most?

This actually depends on a number of variables, such as your budget, as well as which best suits the time commitment you plan to make in selling or promoting this product. Reseller costs more to be involved with, and takes some time to promote and sell. On the other hand, agents make less money but can accrue it passively without as much work.


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