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Why is my IP blacklisted and what can I do about it?

Why is my IP blacklisted?

is my ip blacklisted

Are you wondering,"Why is my IP blacklisted?" and want to know what you can do about it?

The most common reason is that the IP address has been reported, and consequently blacklisted, is for sending out spam emails. Perhaps you are sending emails without permission (don't! just don't) or perhaps someone is using your IP to send such emails (so make sure your security features are up to date and reliable). To avoid being blacklisted in the future, never buy or rent email lists. Sending to harvested lists is guaranteed to tarnish your company's reputation. And make sure to include an unsubscribe option in your emails.

The best way to ensure your IP address isn't blacklisted if to avoid marketing practices that put you at risk. So, don't use purchased lists, ensure your IP address is secure, and send quality content to your contacts.

What can I do about it?

If you have been blacklisted, don't panic - there are steps you can take to be removed from blacklists, however, it differs depending on what blacklist your IP address is added to. Essentially, you need to contact the blacklist and follow the steps they outline in order to be removed from the blacklist.

Need a hand managing your IP addresses? there are tools available to help! Blacklist monitoring tools provide you with notifications when any of your IP addresses are blacklisted and gives you the steps you need to take in order to be removed from the blacklist. SimplyCast's Blacklist Monitor allows you to enter your IP addresses and then automatically checks them and notifies you if any have been blacklisted. You are then notified by email and provided instructions.

If you're interested in learning more about blacklist monitoring, contact us today! A member of the team would be happy to discuss your options in further detail and even help you create a custom package that meets your needs!

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