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Why is my XLSX spreadsheet not uploading correctly?

Why is my XLSX spreadsheet not uploading correctly?

You may have noticed when uploading XLSX files that they are formatting strangely and not reading some information. This is because there are so many formatting variables in spreadsheet programs that some of them cause issues in the app.

How can I avoid this?

You can remedy this by ensuring that your date column is styled or formatted as text, or by exporting the file as a .CSV using save as.

Is this a SimplyCast issue?

Yes and no. When we aren't able to read all formatting variables properly it will be an issue. There are different formats and data representations that cause problems, and each spreadsheet program has slight differences in how it records that information. Sometimes this causes our system to read it incorrectly.

Will the app handle this reformatting in the future?

We would love it too, and we are working on a resolution for this. However, with so many variables, the app may retain some formatting issues as software changes and new software is created.

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