bounce monitor

A bounced email is an email message that was not delivered to its recipient and was then returned to the original sender. This typically happens when an email address or domain name doesn’t exist, or the email inbox of the recipient was full or offline.

SimplyCast’s email marketing software will track which emails bounced in each of your campaigns, and it will also remove any subscriber who has bounced too many times.

Having your bounced emails monitored and removed is critical as it helps keep your subscriber list clean and free of old or non-working email addresses. You can also view reports to see which of your subscribers did not receive your message and why.

A soft bounce is an email that gets as far as the recipient’s mail server but is bounced back undelivered before it gets to the recipient. A soft bounce might occur because the recipient’s mailbox is full, the server is down or swamped with messages, or the message is too large. Once an email has soft bounced 3 times without any trackable activity it will automatically be removed from your list.

A hard bounce is an email that has been returned to the sender and is permanently undeliverable. Causes include invalid addresses or the recipient’s mail server has blocked your server.


Bounce monitoring can be viewed in your reports for each campaign. Our system automatically takes care of hard bounces so they will not be sent to again.

Under reports, you can also export the bounce information as well as do the same for unsubscribes.