Build Your Fax Project

When you use SimplyCast’s fax marketing product, you can store all your fax documents with us.

Each fax you create will remain in your account for future use unless you choose to delete it. Each stored document can be edited, previewed, renamed and deleted.

This makes it easy to manage all your fax messages as you have access to them in one place whenever you want.

If you use the multi-user account feature and have a team of people working in the account, fax document storage is even more important.

Ready to use? Sign up for your free account. If not, read how to use.


Adding a document is the second stage of the fax campaign creation process. Here you add all your fax documents for further use.

You can edit, rename, preview and delete a project.

The title and type of your project will be listed, with the two types being HTML or PDF.

You can add as many documents as you want and not worry about running out of storage space.

To reorder the list of fax documents, simply drag, drop and save.

Now you know how to use fax document hosting, sign up for a free account.