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The most important feature of Twitter marketing automation is making sure you don't have to remember to post certain details like recurring dates and notices. When you post a message, you can set recurring tweets, so that message will post again without you having to enter it again. Set it and forget it as they say. This can be good for first of the month notices or birthdays or even bi-weekly updates. You choose the frequency and the software does the rest. Keep in mind that if your recurring tweets frequency is high (daily), you better add other posts into the mix or your feed will look stale and full of repeating information.


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The fourth step in the Twitter post creation is called Repeat. This is where you choose if and how often you want a post to repeat. Your options from the dropdown menu are none, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly. Set recurring tweets by selecting an option for how often you wish the tweet to be repeated. Once these settings are saved and published, you can change them at any time. You can also pause individual tweets to prevent them from being posted, or you can delete them all together.
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