The unsubscribe process for our SMS Text Messaging Service is pretty similar to that of email and other forms of online marketing. When people want to opt out you need to make it easy for them to do.

In the industry it is very common that the word STOP removes you from the SMS list.

You can also easily track your unsubscribes and manually add numbers to it whenever you want.

When you use SimplyCast, you can be sure you are using the most up to date unsubscribe management so you don't have to worry.

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To manage your unsubscribe list, go to the SMS dashboard and click on the tab called "Unsubscribe List."

From here you can see everyone who has opted out of your list. No one on this list will get sent an SMS message.

They have either replied to a message with STOP or END or have requested for you to add them to the list.

To add a number to your unsubscribe list, click the "Add an SMS Number" button.

You can also download your entire list and refresh it on the same screen.

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