Automated Business Development Management Solution

Let your sales and marketing teams capture, store, manage, and nurture leads in a streamlined, efficient way.

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SimplyCast has a business development solution for your organization. You can sign up and launch your automated business development process by clicking the button below!

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  • Do I need to learn coding or perform any technical tasks?
    No. SimplyCast’s Business Development Solution does not require any technical knowledge to operate since it leverages drag-and-drop technology. We provide interactive training to ensure our clients utilize the solution to the fullest. We also have a rich library of resources for you to explore.
  • Do I get help to set up the process?
    Of course. We have a dedicated team of account managers ready to serve our clients. On top of the onboarding and training, our clients an always reach out to their dedicated account manager if they need any help or clarification regarding the SimplyCast platform.

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