COVID-19 Cross-Border Traveler Follow-ups

Easily facilitate mandatory follow-ups for travelers who have crossed a provincial or state border and need to quarantine due to COVID-19.

Looking for a COVID-19 cross-border traveler follow-up solution?

SimplyCast has a COVID-19 cross-border traveler solution ready to go. You can sign up and launch your personalized solution by clicking the button below and filling out a short form.

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Record Travelers & Automatically Monitor Quarantine Periods

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  • How do I get started?
    You can get started with this solution immediately by completing the form above. A member of our team will reach out to show you the solution and set up your account to your specific requirments.
  • Can SimplyCast help me manage the solution?
    Definitely! You will have the support of our Account Management Team to support you through the use of the cross-border traveler follow-up solution. They can even export reports for you if you need to provide them to a public health agency.
  • Can I do more with the solution?
    Yes! With SimplyCast there are countless use cases for COVID-19 emergency response and recovery as well as regular operational workflows. Reach out to and they'll gladly be able to walk you through the available options.

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