Quote Follow-Up Engagement Solution for Service-Based Companies

Make it easy for customers to accept quotes while maintaining strong engagement.

Want to increase quote acceptance?

This template is designed by experts to save you time and resources while increasing the reach and efficiency of your communication.

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Engage clients, boost acceptance, upsell services

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  • How do I use the solution template?
    To use the solution template, go to the SimplyCast 360 dashboard and click Create From Template. From there, choose the template from the available options and go through the campaign to add your branding.
  • Can SimplyCast set it up for me?
    Definitely! Contact handsfree@simplycast.com to speak to one of our automation experts who can set up and launch the whole solution template for you.
  • I'm interested! How can I learn more?
    If you'd like more information, contact our sales team at 866-323-6572 ext. 1 or by email at sales@simplycast.com.

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