The Challenge

Updating customer information Once customers have signed up for your email communications and promotions, they may need to update their information. Maybe theyve been diagnosed with a new food allergy or have changed their email address. Instead of directly contacting you to update this information, provide an alternative way to easily change details.

The Solution

Include an update option in every email With every email you send out, include a link to a form at the bottom. Through this form, patrons can update their preferences and contact information.

The steps to success

  • Create a Manage Preferences form

    Create a form where current customers can update their information. This can involve new favorite foods, dietary restrictions, updating contact information, and more. Here you could even include boxes for other restaurants. If a customer checks one of these boxes then they are opted in automatically for communications from that restaurant.

  • Add a link to the Manage Preferences form

    By now, youve created personalized emails for your patrons similar to this flow. Since you are already sending your customers these emails for special meal promotions, a simple link at the bottom of the email would allow them to change their preferences via the form you created.

  • Send your emails as usual

    Once you have added the link to the bottom of the email, continue to send your emails as normal. In the first email you send with the link, you may want to make a point to tell customers that it is now an option.

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