The Challenge:

Reduce Complications Due to No Shows

When patients miss their appointments, it wastes time and complicates your schedule. It is essential to keep patients on time and up to date.

The Solution:

Keep Patients Informed with Timely Reminders

Automated reminders go out to each patient as their appointment date approaches. These reminders help ensure that patients make their appointment or rebook if necessary.

The steps to success:

Step 1: Set up a simple reminder process in minutes

Create a reminder process using the SimplyCast 360 drag and drop tool. Your automated system checks each patient’s profile to see if they have selected automated reminders. It then checks for upcoming appointments and sends out reminders to each patient who has chosen to receive them.

Step 2: Provide a convenient way for each patient to receive messages

Enable each patient to select how they prefer to receive appointment reminders: through email, SMS or voicemail. Reaching the patient in the way that is most convenient for them increases the chance that they will notice and read the messages.

Step 3: Connect with each patient through personalized messages

Each patient receives friendly, personalized reminders in the days and weeks before their appointment. These messages keep the time and date fresh in the patient’s mind so they don’t forget. A final reminder is sent out an hour or so before their appointment.