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Re-engage Prospects and Clients After Meetings

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Marketing Automation Software: SimplyCast 360

The Challenge

Effectively Nurture Prospects and Reconnect After Meetings

After an engaging meeting, it is important to re-engage the prospect and keep them interested. Learn more about each lead, reconnect with leads and follow up. An effective prospect nurturing process often means the difference between gaining a client for your legal office and losing an opportunity.

The Solution

Simplify Communication Stream and Personalize Emails

Using an automated nurturing process along with personalized messages helps nurture prospects from the first point of contact through to the first consultation and beyond. Reconnect with leads automatically, build up personal profiles for each lead and send out personalized communications to make the nurturing process more effective.

The steps to success

  • Set up a simple nurturing process in minutes

    Create a simple nurture process using the SimplyCast 360 drag and drop tool. It all starts with a signup form. Prospects sign up for a demo and you collect their email addresses. As soon as their contact information is collected, each client gains a personal profile. Each interaction the client makes is tracked and added to their profile. You can use this information to personally target your messages to each client based on their own needs.

  • Learn more about each lead with personal profiles

    Maintain high attendance for consultations with automated reminders before the consultation. As you have your consultation, try to gain a bit more contact information from the client. Determine how they prefer to be contacted and inquire about what they are seeking for their legal needs. If you gain any new information, add it to the client's personal profile that was created when they signed up for the demo. All this personal information will help you target your messages more effectively.

  • Reconnect with prospects and reduce drop off

    Any prospect who does not attend the consultation receives an automated message. This message (“We missed you on today’s consultation. Would you like to rebook?”) helps you reach out to every lead who has fallen off and try to re-engage them.

  • Personally follow up with consultation clients

    Any client who did attend the consultation will receive a follow-up thank you email with further information. This message is sent automatically and helps provide a full customer care experience for the client. The message also includes FAQs, offers a special limited time promotion and provides a personal connection who the lead can reach out to with questions or feedback. The follow-up helps nurture the lead so they don’t feel abandoned.

  • Maintain a strong relationship and keep clients engaged

    In addition to following up with clients personally, marketing automation helps you maintain a connection with your clients. Messages are sent out at scheduled intervals so leads do not get overwhelmed with too many emails but also do not forget about your legal firm.

  • Build a connection with each client through personalized messages

    No more manually tracking and segmenting each client. Marketing automation tools track each client’s interactions and website activity. This information is added to their personal profile, enabling you to better target messages based on each client’s unique interests. You can automatically send out targeted emails without spending a lot of time organizing. Our software shows you who is a hot client and who needs to be reached out to again. You can also A/B split test general messages to see which ones are the most effective.

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