The Challenge:

Organize and train volunteers effectively

Manage and deploy your team of volunteers and train your new volunteers in a timely manner.

The Solution:

Personally engage volunteers with targeted messages

Effectively organize and train volunteers while building loyalty through personalized automated message flows.

The steps to success:

Step 1: Set up a simple volunteer signup process in minutes

Create a signup process using the SimplyCast 360 drag and drop tool. You can engage your subscribers with different communication methods, such as SMS and email. Subscribers can specify their preferred method of communication, either SMS or email, so this way they get information in the form that is most convenient for you to read.

Step 2: Quickly capture volunteer information

Each volunteer fills out a web form on your site (or a dedicated landing page) that collects all their relevant information. They select specific boxes on the signup form to indicate which topics they are interested in or how they want to contribute to your campaign. The volunteer’s information is fed directly into the CRM. The CRM begins to build a personal profile for each volunteer so they will receive relevant messages. A task is sent to one of your campaign staffers to review the volunteer’s application.

Step 3: Welcome volunteer and start their training

Volunteer receives a welcome message right away after signing up. After a short delay, they get the initial volunteer training message to get them started. You will know when each volunteer opens the message and clicks the link to read the training content. Once the volunteer reads each training message, the next training message is triggered and automatically sent to them. The CRM keeps track of each volunteer’s training progress so you know where they are.

Step 4: Keep volunteers excited, engaged and enthusiastic

A newsletter is sent out every month to update volunteers and supporters on the status of your campaign. Share inspiring stories, recognize outstanding staffers and volunteers, promote your campaign platform and so on. Send personal messages from the party leader or candidate. Volunteers will feel rewarded for their contributions, and supporters will be kept up to date on your campaign.

Step 5: Seamlessly manage campaign events

Send out event invitations to all your staffers, volunteers and supporters with one click. All RSVPs are automatically organized and replies are sent out to all confirmed guests with more information about the event. As the event date approaches, email and SMS reminders are sent out to guests so they don’t forget the time and date.