The Challenge:

Reconnect with alumni and elicit donations

Stay in touch with alumni to gain more donations and keep them updated.

The Solution:

Recognize alumni and send out personalized follow-up messages

Send personalized messages to each alumnus and immediately follow up if they make a donation.

The steps to success:

Step 1: Set up a simple alumni newsletter process in minutes

Create a simple signup process using the SimplyCast 360 drag and drop tool. It all starts with a signup form. Alumni sign up for your monthly newsletter and you collect their email addresses. As soon as some contact information is collected, each alumnus gains a personal profile. Each interaction the alumnus has is tracked and added to their profile. You can use this information to personally target your messages to each alumnus.

Step 2: Automatically organize each alumnus with personal profile

After each alumnus signs up, they receive a welcome message and they are tagged as alumni. They are now registered to receive your monthly newsletters. As the alumnus moves through your email newsletter process, their interactions are tracked. All information gathered is stored in their personal profile. Marketing automation enables you to effectively nurture alumni with relevant university updates and requests for donations.

Step 3: Easily keep alumni up to date and gain donations

In order to maintain meaningful contact with alumni, send out regular newsletters informing them of changes to the university, alumni events and donation requests. Each newsletter contains a call to action with a donation form that alumni can fill out if they decide to donate. Personalized messages are also sent out each year on the anniversary of their graduation.

Step 4: Immediately follow up with alumni who donate

As soon as an alumnus fills out the donation form, they are tagged as a donor. They receive a confirmation and thank you message right away. All future messages are then personalized based on their donor status. Once the alumnus becomes a donor, they are moved into the Education Donor flow.