The Challenge:

Find New Ways to Engage Voters

Connect with voters in new, more effective ways than traditional flyers and phone surveys.

The Solution:

Gain Voters' Trust with Personalized Communication

Build stronger relationships with voters through personalized content on the channel they prefer (email, SMS or phone).

The steps to success:

Step 1: Set up a simple voter nurturing process in minutes

Create a general signup and nurture process using the SimplyCast 360 drag and drop tool. You can engage your subscribers with different communication methods, such as SMS and email. Subscribers can specify their preferred method of communication, so this way they get information in the form you know they will read.

Step 2: Quickly capture voter information

Voter fills out a web form that collects all their relevant information. They select specific boxes on the signup form to indicate which topics they are interested in. The voter’s information is fed directly into the CRM. The CRM begins to build a personal profile for each voter so they will receive relevant messages.

Step 3: Engage voters with relevant, convenient content

As soon as the voter submits their information, a thank you message is sent out. The message is sent over the channel preferred by each voter (email or SMS), depending on what they selected when they filled out the initial form. Receiving content conveniently ensures that voters will read it instead of ignore it.

Step 4: Grow loyalty with personalized content

As voters engage with your content, you will learn more about what interests them. Each voter continues to be tracked, and web tracking builds up a personal profile for each voter. The voter continues to receive targeted messages based on their interactions, including newsletters, digital flyers, fundraising campaigns, events and town halls. Personalized messages help build a relationship with your voters, increasing trust and confidence.

Step 5: Learn what content voters respond to

Each lead is tracked and this information is added to their personal profile. At the same time, overall information about the response to messages is also tracked and organized into reports. You can easily A/B test different messages to see which one gains better responses. All this information helps you optimize your voter communication, focusing on content that tests well with voters.

Step 6: Increase voter turnout with timely reminders

Automated reminders are sent out to all voters as election day approaches to ensure that voters don’t forget the time or date. SMS messages are especially effective for reminders, as they are almost always opened within five minutes of being received.