The Challenge:

Help parents find lost children

Airports are busy hectic locations with travelers often rushing from location to location to ensure they don't miss deadlines. Every parent's worst fear is getting separated from their child amongst the chaos. However, with an easy-to-locate and follow procedure, handling these scenarios, parents and children alike will be able to quickly and calmly become reconnected.

The Solution:

Use keywords to disperse information

Set up keywords parents and children can text to airport security if they become separated. These keywords can provide them with steps to take and where to go to get help.

The steps to success:

Step 1: Register your keywords

You should register keywords for lost children and parents of lost children. IMLOST and HELPLOST are examples of what you could use.

Step 2: Program information for each keyword

Configure IMLOST to send information about how a child can find security and the secret password to use. Configure HELPLOST to send information about what parents can do when their child is lost including the location of the meeting place.

Step 3: Make sure staff is familiar with the process

Train your security team on how to respond to email or SMS based lost requests. Also, make sure they always know what the safe word is for lost children.

Step 4: Make sure passengers know about the process

Post clearly visible advertisements and notices around the airport to let travelers know of the new initiative.