The Challenge:

Keep students up-to-date with book buyback opportunities all year long

Book buyback campaigns are held at different points throughout the semesters to help students make some money back off of expensive textbooks while also providing new students a lower-cost used version of these books. It is important that students know when these campaigns occur.

The Solution:

Use SMS reminders and updates

By having an SMS campaign for the bookstore, students can sign up for book buyback reminders via a signup form on the bookstore's website or by opting into an SMS keyword.

The steps to success:

Step 1: Set up your keyword

Create a keyword that students can text to get information about the book buyback program. When students text in this keyword they will be opted in for reminders and communications. Keep the keyword related to the bookstore.

Step 2: Create a signup form

Set up a signup form to collect contact details and consent from students that want to sign up through your website. They will be sent updates and reminders through the same campaign as the keyword opt-in students.

Step 3: Start a drip campaign

Set up a drip campaign of planned buyback dates. In the campaign, make sure reminders are sent prior to the event and during as well.