The Challenge:

Easily providing customers with relevant information

When customers visit the bank, they sometimes have questions about the services that you offer. More customers are moving to the web to find information. But, the information requires a representative to follow up without direct information.

The Solution:

Have a form clients can request information from

Send information to banking customers based on the information they have requested, directly from your website.

The steps to success:

Step 1: Create your form

Place a web form on your website to give customers the ability to sign up and get information from a financial advisor. This form would have options like: Mortgage Advice, General Banking Advice, or Investment Advice.

Step 2: Send automatic emails

Based on the type of advice the customer is looking for, send them email messages with that content. With a marketing automation platform, this process can be done automatically. All you have to do is create the emails containing the specific content then the system would match the form response to the correct email and send it to the client.

Step 3: Don’t forget a CTA

Make sure your emails have a proper CTA to give clients the opportunity to book an appointment with you if they wish to move forward.