Account Networks User Guide

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Accounts and account networks provide the foundation for the SimplyCast system. Each individual user of the platform must belong to an account (whether it be one user per account or a multi-user account) and each of these accounts must be a part of an account network, which can contain either a single account or many different accounts.

There are also different roles and permissions that must be applied to users to give them varied access within the platform to maintain security and order. You are able to set up different sets of permissions and assign them once a user has been created within an account. Account network creation and administration are typically reserved for management-level users in the system using the network's master account.

In this comprehensive user guide, you will be walked through each and every component of Account Networks to ensure you are well-educated on all the available tools and features it offers.


This guide includes how to:

  • Create a network
  • Configure all the settings for accounts
  • View a comprehensive breakdown of roles, groups, and settings

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