Email User Guide

The SimplyCast Email tool allows organizations to easily create sophisticated and professional email campaigns to send out to contacts automatically. Email is a quick and efficient mode of communication that allows your organization to reach out to subscribed contacts and send them alerts, surveys, issue a recall, and more directly to their inbox.


With email, contacts can easily confirm their receipt of your message by clicking on a link included in the email, assuring system administrators that their message has reached its target. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, SimplyCast's Email tool makes it is easy to create an eye-catching email from scratch, or through the use of a template. With automated scheduling ensuring that your messages are being sent at the right time.


In this comprehensive user guide, you will be walked through each and every component of the Email channel to ensure you are well educated on all the available tools and features it offers.


This guide includes:


  • How to create an Email project
  • How to configure all the settings of anย Email project
  • A comprehensive breakdown of Email reports

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