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The SimplyCast Form Builder and Survey tools provide organizations with the capability to easily create and publish dynamic forms and surveys that can be used to collect contact information, thoughts, opinions, and feedback.from recipients that is then automatically entered into the platform's built-in CRM.

With Form Builder and Survey, you are able to customize each campaign to gather specific information from your contacts that is relevant to your needs. Quickly and easily design every facet of a form or survey, from question types to branding, with the drag-and-drop editor. From having contacts effortlessly opt in to receive further communications from your organization to being able to ask them to provide you with their preferred method of communication - these channels let you do all this and more. You can input dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio matrices, contact information, captcha, and other elements that enable you to collect the all information you need from your contacts. If you're seeking feedback on specific subjects or topics, create targeted questions through rating matrices, range selections, or checkboxes. Completed  projects receive their own unique link, which can be taken and embedded into a website or inserted into emails so that staff always have access to them.

In this comprehensive user guide, you will be walked through each and every component of the Form Builder and Survey channels to ensure you are well educated on all the available tools and features these applications offer.


This guide includes how to:

  • Create a form or survey
  • Configure all the settings of a form or survey
  • View comprehensive reports of all forms and surveys

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