Live Survey User Guide

The Live Survey feature of SimplyCast provides users with the ability to easily request and receive information from the field via email, SMS, or telephone. Surveys can be used to quickly gather information such as hospital bed availability per health facility, or the status of on call personnel. Questions can be either open-ended or multiple choice, with the responses being tracked in real-time so you can come to a consensus in minutes.


Officials can also use the Live Survey feature to send quick polls to subscribed users as a means of collecting data and as a way of engaging citizens. Only members of the public who have opted in to the notifications via CASL-compliant means will receive surveys and be able to respond.


In this comprehensive user guide, you will be walked through each and every component of the Live Survey channel to ensure you are well educated on all the available tools and features Live Survey offers.


This guide includes:


  • How to create a Live Survey
  • How to configure all the settings of a Live Survey
  • A comprehensive breakdown of Live Survey reports

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