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Halifax Rainmen: SimplyCast Customer Testimonial

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Jun 04, 2014

Andre Levingston, President and Owner of the Halifax Rainmen agreed to do a testimonial, telling us what he thought after using our product starting in September 2013. He spoke with us at length about the fun things he’s been able to do with his team, that maybe he wasn’t able to do. He made specific mention of our training, or Onboarding, and praises our ability to let our clients to, in his words, “Do a lot with a little.” We were pleased to work with the Halifax Rainmen in their endeavors to engage and reach out to more than traditional media was allowing them to, and save them money. That saved money was able to go into promotions, fan experience, and other aspects of the team and the franchise, while their marketing got even more effective with the introduction of 360.

SimplyCast 360 serves clients in 175 countries and 11 languages, including some very worthwhile and successful organizations here at home. Andre Levingston and his Halifax Rainmen are one of those organizations, and we look forward to making things even better for him and his business, and are thankful that he has enjoyed his time with us so much thus far.

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