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How Do I Import A New List: SimplyCast VFAQ

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Jan 15, 2014

If the List Management tab is not visible, click on the More tab and select List Management. Choosing List Management from the More tab will take you directly to the List Management Dashboard by default.

From the List Management Dashboard, upload a list by doing the following:

Click on the Upload List button.
Select Upload List from File (csv, xls, xlsx) from the list of options.
Click on Upload List to continue.
Next, click on the Choose File button to select the file you want to upload.
Review the Terms to make sure your list data complies with our terms and conditions. If you agree, select Agree to Terms.
Click on the Upload File button to continue.
Next, select the primary use of your list. This helps our system match the fields in your list automatically. If you use the list for more than one type of broadcasting, you can define the type of each field later. Once you have made a selection, click on the Next button.
The next step requires you to decide if you want to do any mail merging. If you don’t select this field, you can only import a single field to the list, which is the one related to primary use of the list selected in the previous step. If you use the list for more than one type of campaign, choose the Yes option.
You will now be asked to identify the fields (columns) in your list. Our system will try and auto-detect the fields in your list. If we cannot determine what a field represents, you can choose a field from the drop-down box directly above each column.
Once you have made your selections, click on the Next button to continue.
You’ll now be asked what you would like to do with this list data. You have two options. Create New List will make a new list containing your date. The second option is Add to existing which allows you to add this data to an existing list.
Once you have made your selection, click on the Create List or Add to Existing button (depending on your selection).
You will be returned to the List Management Dashboard where you will see your list upload to the system.

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