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How do I upload a PDF: SimplyCast VFAQ

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Jan 14, 2014

The SimplyCast message editor now allows you to upload PDF files and place their content directly inside your email messages. Our system will convert your PDF file into a JPG image that you can insert into your content.

This process occurs when you insert an image into our system. To do this, perform the following steps (these steps assume you are working in our Simple Editor):

-Open your email project.

-Drag and drop an Image element from Drag and Drop Elements at the top of the page.

-Click on Choose Image. A window displaying your available images will appear.

-Click on the Upload button.

-Browse for your PDF document and select it.

-A message will appear notifying you that a PDF was selected and will be converted to an image for you. Press OK. You have the option to cancel the conversion if you wish.

Once the conversion is completed, you’ll now see your PDF file saved on our servers as a JPG image. Double-click to add it to your project. You will now see your PDF content in your message.

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