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Improve Your Hosting Capabilities: SimplyCast Marketing Plugin

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Jun 13, 2014

Expand your web hosting abilities with SimplyCast!

SimplyCast is primed and ready to take you to the next level and make you stand out among your peers with WHMCS and C-panel integrations, a contact manager and support for 3rd party CRMs, as well as a robust product base. We currently serve more clients in more than 175 countries, in 11 languages, and are always innovating new tools to make our product function better. We maintain a UI that is easy to use for anyone, so that sales teams, marketing teams, and dev teams alike can use our product, and have built an application designed to save you time and money while improving your customer experience and making it easier for them to do the same. This is a tool that has people in awe of what we have created, and can wow them just as well for you by integrating with your current services, so come check us out at HostingCon 2014, look for Jen and Ariel and have a look at our web host page here:

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