Communication for Critical Infrastructure

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Map and Monitor the Status of Important Assets 

Manage pieces of critical infrastructure, from roads to bridges to buildings, by adding them to a Blueprints template and displaying them on the Mapping interface where colored icons will show the status of each blueprint instance.

Filter the assets shown on the map according to the status each instance is operating under. Show only those assets that are degraded or nonoperational, allowing for the appropriate authorities to take the necessary mitigation measures.

Create easy-to-read reports including only the information columns you need to monitor. Display the pertinent information regarding assets across all critical infrastructure, allowing for easy management during an incident or event.

Share these reports with other organizations who may not typically be able to access this information and ensure all players are kept up to date with the most recent information.

  See Communication Automation in Action

Try out communication automation via the power of SMS.

American*: Try it out by texting SCINFRA to 550055
Canadian*: Try it out by texting SCINFRA to 770077

*Only available for US and Canadian cellular customers. Standard msg and data rates apply.