Marketing Automation for Government

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Reach More Supporters and Improve Campaign Management with Government Automation

Government automation platforms allow users to use automated communication to improve citizen services, make political campaign management more efficient, strengthen security, and manage resources more effectively. A government automation platform is able to save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks while also increasing the level of engagement and personalization each citizen receives from the stakeholders in office.

Make voters aware of your platform and what you stand for through social media, email, SMS, and voicemail to reach a wider audience. Collect voter data to improve and personalize your campaigns.

Government agencies can also leverage multi-channel communications in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Reach members of the public on their preferred method of communication in order to ensure the message is received, and that the government automation platform is used to its full potential.

See Government Automation in Action

Try out government automation via the power of SMS.

American*: Try it out by texting SCGOVERNMENT to 550055
Canadian*: Try it out by texting SCGOVERNMENT to 770077

*Only available for US and Canadian cellular customers. Standard msg and data rates apply.