Communication for Military Operations

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Better Protect Citizens and Manage Communication On and Off Base

Communication automation is very beneficial to those in the military world, providing personnel with the capability to manage incidents that occur both on and off base with the help of multi-channel alerts and recall functionality. Recall officers to aid local law enforcement with containing a scene or mitigating an emergency and ensure those who respond possess the necessary training and skill sets for the job.

Alert the public to warn them of impending danger and to evacuate the area if need be. Use email, voice, SMS, or fax to relay urgent information to citizens and make sure that they read and understand it by asking them to confirm their receipt of the message.

Initiate teleconferences instantly with superior officers to discuss the next steps to take during an incident. Dial out to participants instead of having them call in individually in order to save time from trying to figure out who is and who isn't on the call. Manage conferences from the monitoring dashboard and mute everyone to prevent excessive background noise or interruptions.


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