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Nonprofit organizations can face challenges in converting potential volunteers out of their larger contact databases. Such as making full use of those databases, engaging all contacts long-term, and finding volunteers among them. Whenever there is a lack of volunteers in nonprofit organizations things can become challenging. So, it is important to know how to recruit volunteers for nonprofits to ensure everything runs as efficiently as possible.

With the Nonprofit Database Volunteer Discovery use case this whole process can become much easier. Allowing nonprofits to easily spread the word of new volunteer opportunities to prospective volunteers. While also reducing the manual workload through automation.


SimplyDigital offers the Nonprofit Database Volunteer Discovery solution. A system which allows any nonprofit organization to leverage personalized communication automation to provide long-term nurturing to their contacts. It also helps to identify those who are most likely to become volunteers. Creating more optimal volunteer recruitment strategies.

This use case aims to help nonprofit organizations streamline the way they identify possible volunteers by leveraging contact engagement technology. This can help create better volunteer engagement with both existing volunteers and future volunteer prospects.

Steps to Success

  1. First, nonprofits can upload their existing databases to the platform. They can then add new contacts to this database using online forms.
  2. Once uploaded, contacts receive regular outreach messages. These messages adjust automatically based on recorded information about them in the database to maximize the potential for engagement.
  3. Finally, those who engage most with the messages that they send out are identified and marked as being likely to volunteer. Those individuals can then receive a message asking to do just that, automatically.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Save valuable time creating an outreach strategy for nonprofit volunteers.
Use case benefit
Send personalized messages to contacts that will make them feel connected to.
Use case benefit
Customize the solution to tailor to your organization's needs.
Use case benefit
Easily detect highly engaged contacts.

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