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Nonprofit donations are an important aspect of the nonprofit world. It is critical to have an approachable way of reaching out to donors and collecting their donations. It can be challenging to efficiently reach out to every donor. It is also difficult for organizations to track which donors have received outreach when they manage it manually.

These organizations need to avoid contacting the same person too frequently. Tools that streamline and manage communications are crucial to make this process work. To best keep donors interested, these tools need to customize their messages to each recipient. Nonprofit organizations have an opportunity to improve their donation request emails while still ensuring they keep up their fundraising efforts.


SimplyDigital offers the Nonprofit Dynamic Donation Request use case. This helps these nonprofit organizations receive the funding they need through donations, without needing to manually contact individual donors. This solution helps nonprofits collect donations to fund their organizations focus areas. They can easily contact donors and ask for donations using several automated communication methods.

With this use case you can easily encourage more ongoing support to nonprofit organizations through improving communication.

Steps to Success

  1. Web tracking creates a way to track and tag contacts that visit the organization’s website. The system then sorts contacts based on their activity.
  2. When donors visit the website, the tracking tools identify them. Then, the system can automatically send a message that same day with a donation prompt.
  3. If a contact visits the website frequently, limits in the back end prevent over-exposure.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Keep your organization connected to donors and collect funding through the use of several automated resources.
Use case benefit
Send personalized messages to clients and donors that will make them feel connected.
Use case benefit
Control the frequency of messaging.
Use case benefit
Easily manage donation follow-up messages to help encourage repeat donations and gain more donor support.

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