Why Choose Us?

SimplyDigital: Nonprofit offers a wide array of use case solutions for not for profit organizations. We create these use cases using our suite of hyperautomation tools to provide our users with solutions challenges throughout their organizations. It's time to evolve with the digital era - and use case automation is the way to do it. Here are a few reasons why SimplyDigital: Nonprofit can improve process for every nonprofit.

No coding or developers required

Nonprofits can easily alter and adjust use cases with no coding knowledge needed. Just by changing words and applying branding, nonprofits can launch solutions instantly. For the most complex tasks, our dedicated account managers are always ready to help.

Use case hyperautomation

Our team of strategists is constantly looking for new use cases for the nonprofit industry. When we create a solution for specific challenge, we create a use case to provide that same support to everyone. This broad approach works by combining the versatile nature of our platform with real experience. We can help organizations transform faster and easier than anyone else.

A comprehensive solution

Our all-in-one platform is a comprehensive solution. Our tools include more than 20 hyperautomation tools. These tools include communication applications, information processing, emergency management, and so much more.

Our tools exist as a cohesive ecosystem that work together. Each part of the system designed to work with every other application in our platform.

Dedication to data security

We are ISO 27001:2013-certified and have data centers that we maintain in the USA and Canada. They allow for secure, safe communication no matter what industry you’re a part of.

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