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Share Knowledge

Become SimplyCast certified! Once you pay the Agent Program fee, as part of becoming a SimplyCast Agent, you will take the online training program: SimplyCast University. There, you will be walked through each SimplyCast tool and become an expert on the entire platform. This means you'll understand exactly how the platform works and how it can benefit every lead you encounter.

When you're an industry expert, you'll know exactly how it compares to our competitors and can recommend SimplyCast over other systems. Agents also have full access to sales material and the SimplyCast onboarding team to get familiarized with the system.

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Earn Revenue

Every SimplyCast Agent earns commission on each sale they bring into the company for up to two years—and without much work on their end.

Agents earn 30% commission in their first year and 5% in their second year, equaling 35% commission overall! All you have to do is bring in a strong lead and the SimplyCast team takes care of the rest, from closing the sale, to onboarding and training, to customer support. This means you can maximize your time spent introducing SimplyCast to new leads. More leads mean more closed sales, which means more money in your pocket.

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Gain Clientele

Unlike SimplyCast's White Label Reseller Program, which is more geared toward larger companies, agents are typically individuals or smaller companies. When clients choose and fall in love with SimplyCast based on your recommendation, they'll come back for more and trust you to provide them with the best of the best in the future. The SimplyCast Agent Program is a symbiotic relationship—by helping us show our platform to the world, you establish yourself as a reliable agent with an eye for quality.

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Why Partner With SimplyCast?

• Our technology is consistently ranked among the top in the field – stay ahead of the curve with us.

• Full training on the application and how to sell it as well as ongoing support from our team.

• No need to spend time and resources building in-house support or training teams.

• Scalable for any business size – every business is a potential customer.

• Free training documents and resources.

• Recurring commission for two years for each new customer.

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Serving partners all over the world

With clients in 175 countries, serving over 100 industries and with white label partner platforms active in over 14 languages

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