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Your Platform

Under the marketing automation white label reseller program, we don't just give you a white-label account, we give you an entire marketing automation platform under your own brand - including unlimited customer accounts, all our tools, and a partner-level dashboard to manage your clients, complete with your own logos and your own domain. Your platform links into your existing infrastructure for a complete customer experience. No technical skills are needed: we train you and provide all the resources you need to sell from day one.

Your Products

With more native individual tools than any other platform, including complete automation, white label email marketing software, SMS, social media, web tracking, and an easy-to-use CRM, you'll have the most complete multi-channel marketing automation platform at your fingertips from day 1. As a reseller partner, you can choose which products to offer your clients. With easy-to-use and economical single-app products as well as more sophisticated all-in-one tools such as the 360 Automation Manager, you'll have something no matter the customer.

Your Revenue

We provide generous commissions and wholesale prices on all packages sold and reward our high-performing partners. Create your own pricing to control your own margins and create lucrative managed service packages to generate significant recurring revenue. As a reseller partner of SimplyCast there is no need to purchase any credit up-front - bring on your clients first to keep control of your cash flow.

Your complete marketing solution

Every feature, every tool, all of the resources you need and more

The Pricing that Helps You Grow

Choose a pricing package that matches your plans. Upgrade as you grow.

Reseller Models

Monthly Fee (USD)
Reseller Discount
Set-up Fee (USD)
Onboarding/Platform Rebrand
Monthly Fee (USD): $1999
Reseller Discount: 40% SRP
Set-up Fee (USD): $299
IPs: Dedicated IPs
Support: Tier two email and phone support
Modules: All communication Modules, emergency included
Onboarding/Platform Rebrand: On Demand
Monthly Fee (USD): $499
Reseller Discount: 25% off SRP
Set-up Fee (USD): $99
IPs: Dedicated IPs
Support: Tier two email support
Modules: All communication modules except emergency Modules
Onboarding/Platform Rebrand: 48 hours from initial payment
Monthly Fee (USD): $0
Reseller Discount: 10% off SRP
Set-up Fee (USD): No set-up fee
IPs: Shared IP range
Support: Tier three email-only support
Modules: Email, CRM, Form/survey, Facebook/Twitter, SimplyCast 360
Onboarding/Platform Rebrand: Self-Serve

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