Marketing automation for digital marketing agencies



Add marketing automation to your SEO (and PPC) services to generate additional revenue, retain their clients longer and help your customers grow faster.


Marketing automation for digital marketing agencies, or “SEO++”, take SEO and PPC and combines it with powerful marketing automation tools, such as email and SMS marketing, to help digital marketing agencies grow through a recurring revenue model.


Some examples include:


Sales Conversion Optimization

Track customers from landing pages and forms to build segments. Optimize keywords based on how these customers interact with site pages. Store the full history of the customer in an easy-to-use CRM and segment lists based on historical data.


Increased Client Engagement

Use marketing automation tools to better engage customers once they’ve converted. Use data from these interactions to better optimize keywords, gain more detailed customer information and nurture prospects.


Total Pipeline Management

Use a CRM to manage customers and reach out to them automatically across multiple channels, such as email, SMS and social media, to provide qualified leads and directly increase your customer’s sales.


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