If you want to integrate SimplyCast’s powerful, easy-to-use platform with your own services, we make this process simple. Offer ease of use to your customers who already love your services yet wish to use a marketing automation solution as well. You are already an expert in your industry, and now you can strengthen customer loyalty by making it easy for your customers to market their businesses successfully.


CRM Integrations


We make it simple for our customers to use our marketing automation tools no matter where they store their data. We currently integrate with a number of the leading CRM solutions including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, Vtiger, WordPress and Second CRM. We will also be releasing a plugin manager shortly which will enable quick and easy integrations with virtually any type of platform with the required components.

Integration allows your customers to easily pull the data they need directly from your solution, allowing them to save time and effort. Customers can easily set up date triggers, maintenance reminders, personalized promotions and more, and they will be carried out effortlessly by the marketing automation solution.

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E-Commerce Integrations


SimplyCast provides e-commerce integrations for a seamless experience with e-commerce businesses. This enables online and bricks and mortar stores to make use of their customer data to create highly targeted automated marketing campaigns. Save time and effort. Our current integration is with Bigcommerce.


Specialty Integrations


We also offer custom integrations with specialty products in specific verticals, such as our DMS integration with AutoSoft. Requests for such integrations are carefully considered by our integrations team and we also offer access to our integration fund to assist with funding if required.


CRM Integrations Press Releases


SimplyCast Integrates with Zoho CRM, Oracle CRM and SugarCRM

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