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COVID-19 Cross-Border Registration & Isolation Checks

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming a necessity for government to trace cross-border travelers because of the growing number of travel-related COVID-19 cases. However, there are only so many resources available to collect necessary information for every single traveler, and only so much time to process the massive amount of information daily. On top of that, following up with travelers and checking on their isolation period is becoming a nearly impossible job due to the high volume of travelers.


So, what is the solution? Government entities can now automate the entire cross-border travel registration and quarantine management process.


This use case is designed to facilitate the mandatory registration and follow-up for travelers who have crossed into a jurisdiction via land, air, or sea. This use case automates significant portion of the follow-up process and reduces the workload of the personnel responsible for recording traveler information and making hundreds of thousands of follow-up calls per day to ensure travelers are isolating as needed.

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