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Digital COVID-19 Contact Tracing Use Case Whitepaper

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming mandatory for businesses to keep records of people who visit their stores/business premises. However, there are only so many resources available to ensure proper collection and retention of customer information with a manual contact tracing process. It takes so long to complete check-ins with a pen-and-paper process. Also, a manual process brings additional risks of spreading COVID-19 and exposing customers' contact details.

So, what is the solution? Simple! Businesses can easily automate the entire customer check-in process. Using an automated solution, they can have  their customers complete check-ins by themselves just by sending an SMS or scanning a QR code.

This use case is designed to facilitate the mandatory COVID-19 contact tracing process for business owners/managements. Using this use case solution, businesses can autoamte the entire customer check-in system, reduce the workload associated to that process, and check-in thousands of customers at once.

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