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Here at SimplyCast, we know it can be difficult to find an email provider that suits your needs. In fact, finding an email marketing provider that's the right fit for your company isn't the easiest thing for anyone to do. Furthermore, who has time to write a huge list of requirements and compile an email marketing software RFP? Considering that, we've put together a Request For Proposal Kit for you to use to hunt down the perfect email marketing provider for your company. This email marketing software RFP details exactly what you need to look for to find a provider that best suits your needs.


To use this email marketing software RFP simply download the file, fill inย your company information and desired deadlines, review the questions, and post the RFP for vendors to complete! Soon you'll have responses from different vendors to compare to the provided answer key to see how they all stack up. Finally, choose the winner and move forward with the vendor who best suits your needs.


This email marketing software RFP kit includes:


  • A fill-in-the-blank PDF file for you to enter in all of your company info, deadlines, and more.
  • A questions table with all of the key questions you should ask email marketing suppliers.
  • An answer key with examples of how the questions should be answered.(Bonus: they're all based on our very own email marketing application, so they're completely real answers!)

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