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A marketing plan is a document that showcases big marketing ideas in an organized and detailed way. This is one of the most used tools for marketers when they present their plans to management. Since a marketing plan is vast and covers tons of business segments, it is always better to have those written than presenting some scrambled thoughts in a board meeting.

A smart way to create a marketing plan is to create a framework first and then fill in that structure with relevant information. It is just like writing an essay! You create the bullet points first and then elaborate those afterward. The benefits of having a marketing plan template are plentiful. One of the top reasons to have a marketing plan template is that you don't have to write every idea from scratch. Just use the same template for different ideas and you will save a lot of valuable time.

There are many ways to create a marketing plan template. Usually, it covers the following sections:

- Executive summary- the one-minute pitch of your entire marketing plan
- Company profile - mission, vision, and other info.
- Situation analysis - SWOT & PEST
- Product/service details - what you plan to market.
- Target audience - who are your customers & consumers
- Marketing strategies - how you are going to use 7Ps and 7Cs
- Marketing channels - traditional, digital or both?
- Project mapping, assigned roles, and responsibilities - who does what in the project
- KPIs - the goal of your marketing plan
- Budgeting - what will the plan cost
- Financial analysis - what's in for the business
- Justification - reasons why this plan should be approved

In this template, these sections are outlined for you in a PDF file. All you need to do is to import your information in the appropriate sections. Once you have completed the first draft, you can then review and self-criticize your plan to find loopholes in your plan. Then after a few more reviews, you should have your marketing plan ready.

Best of luck!

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