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Municipal Communication Solution Use Cases

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Traditional communication strategies are still effective, but with the fast-paced technological development, organizations often struggle to keep up with people's expectations. In the era of automation and personalized communication, communication automation platforms have become a necessity. Similar to the top organizations worldwide, municipalities should look to the future and adopt communication automation to boost  their communication activities.

Communication automation can be used to solve both internal and external municipal communication challenges. From engaging people to managing a crisis, an automated communication platform can make a big impact in many ways. In this document, we showcase eight use cases on how a communication platform can transform the municipal communication processes and make it more effective without using more resources.

Among the use cases, there are civic engagement use cases consisting of raising awareness regarding elections, recruiting volunteers for civic events, engaging citizens through greetings, and effectively managing and resolving complaints from citizens. There are also four emergency management use cases consisting of sending disaster alerts, guiding rescue teams, notifying citizens about traffic disruptions, and assembling teams to deal with an active shooting incident.

Download this document to learn more about the potential of communication automation in municipal communication.

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