SimplyCast Download: The Getting Started Guide to EmergHub

The Getting Started Guide to EmergHub

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The Getting Started Guide to EmergHub

Get an inside look at SimplyCast's newest innovation: EmergHub! Learn about some of the ways this platform can be used for both emergencies and everyday operations.

This guide includes:

  • Easy alerting of employees, citizens, and other organizations
  • Managing assets through mapping and reports
  • Practice makes perfect

EmergHub is a multi-channel platform allowing for mass emergency notifications to be sent over several communication methods such as email, voice, SMS, and even fax to your contacts. The platform allows you and your organization to streamline your efforts in preparing for any emergency situation as well as make normal, everyday operations more efficient.

With modules such as Alerts, Instant Teleconference, and Command Hub, you are able to develop a concise emergency plan as well as manage a clear common operating picture to ensure that all your bases are covered and a resolution to the situation is achieved as soon as possible. All of EmergHub's different applications are able to work in tandem with each other as well as separately, making it even easier to find the tools you need to properly plan ahead. 

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