How do users, accounts, and account networks work?

How do users, accounts, and account networks work?

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How do users, accounts, and account networks work together in EmergHub?

Accounts and account networks provide the foundation for the SimplyCast system. Each individual user of the platform must belong to an account (whether it be one user per account or a multi-user account), and each of these accounts must be part of an account network, which can contain either a single account or many different accounts. The exception is for SimplyCast users who use individual accounts; individual accounts do not need to be part of an account network.

Accounts are essentially the workspace in which users are able to create, edit, save, share, or delete projects and information. Accounts can contain a single user, or they can accommodate multiple users, each with their own email login but the same account ID number. An account network is a group of accounts between which projects and information can be shared, as permissions and roles set by administrators allow.

Essentially, an individual user will use their email login to access an account, which may or may not be shared with other others; once they are logged into the account, they can then work with projects in various ways depending on the permissions they have.

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