How do I add a role to an existing user?

How do I add a role to an existing user?

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When entering the Users page, you should immediately see a list of all the users that belong to the various accounts within the account network, with the most recently created user at the top of the list. List of users in an account network

To edit the profile information for a user in the account network, including Roles, locate the blue Edit button found at the right side of the user in the Users tab. Clicking the button will direct you to the user profile page.User profile in an account network

The second section in a user profile is the Application Role Mappings section, where you are able to add specific sets of pre-created roles to the user that provide them with specific permissions as to what they can and cannot do within the SimplyCast system.

Application role mappings belong to a user in an account network

To add an existing role mapping to a user:

  • Click the blue Add Role Mapping button found at the top left side of the Applications Role Mapping section, and a sidebar will appear from the right side of your screen.

Add role to a user pop-up

  • This sidebar contains two fields. The first field is where you may choose the SimplyCast account to give the user a role for. Clicking this field will cause a dropdown menu to appear containing a list of all the account network accounts that you can provide the user access to. Choose as many accounts from the list as you would like using the multi-select feature.

[Note: When giving a role to a new user, it is recommended that you first provide them with a role on their primary account before giving them access to any secondary accounts. This will ensure that the user can perform their required tasks within the SimplyCast system.]

  • The sidebar’s second field allows you to select a pre-configured role to assign to the user. Click the field to open a dropdown menu with the list of available roles. Select as many roles as you wish from this list using the multi-select feature. If there are no roles in the dropdown, you have not created any yet. 
  • When you have finished assigning account roles to the user, click the blue Save button at the bottom of the sidebar to complete the process, or click Cancel to close the sidebar without saving your changes.

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