How do I add and edit contacts in the new CRM?

How do I add and edit contacts in the new CRM?


Note: All CRMs are now the "new" CRM.

The process of adding and editing contacts is essentially the same as the old CRM, although the pages look a bit different.

In the case of adding a new contact, whereas the button in the old CRM enabled a pop-up window in which to add your new contact information, when you click the green button in the new CRM it takes you to a completely new page where you can insert this information.

add contact

To edit a contact in the new CRM, simply click on the contact's name, which will bring you to a new page where you can manually edit their information. In the old CRM, you would have had to click the checkbox next to the contact's name and selected the View and Edit button on top of the list of contacts.

click contact

When you get to the Edit Contact page, you are then able to see a timeline of all the actions that this particular contact has completed, which emails he or she has opened and the campaigns they have created and triggered.

contact timeline

To view and edit your contact details, look to the top of your page where you will see two tabs: Timeline (where you are currently) and Details. If you click Details, a drop-down menu will appear which will allow you to view your contact details, any of their upcoming tasks, the lists the contact is on, as well as any pipeline the contact is in.

details dropdown

The great thing about the new CRM update is the fact that when moving from each section, you are not loading a new page every time. This helps to increase your efficiency during your contact management process.

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