Are email headers inserted or modified?

Are email headers inserted or modified?

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Are email headers inserted or modified?

Email headers are present in all messages sent from SimplyCast to ensure proper delivery. The headers SimplyCast uses are compliant with RFC standards.

Is there anything else that has to be in the message?

There isn't anything else that you need to insert in your message, but you do have to display your real name and address, as well as accurate contact information.

We have to insert address, an unsubscribe link and a spam link in compliance with anti-spam regulations, but those are things that you would be putting into your message to comply anyway so we just save you a step in the end.

Why do you do it automatically?

Well, it's the easiest way to protect ourselves and our customers is what it comes down to. By inserting that information from the beginning, we ensure that a forgotten line of text or a miscopied address don't end in customers taking our clients to court over something they claim doesn't adhere to spam laws and other compliances. In addition, it protects us from the same situation when a customer sees us sending on behalf of our customers. We also protect our customers' reputations by doing so.

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