Are images hosted on your servers?

Are images hosted on your servers?

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Are images hosted on your servers?

Yes, the SimplyCast platform will host any images that you have uploaded. This way, once you have uploaded the images, you can access your projects and content to build more from anywhere, any time.

How do I see what images I have stored?

To view images stored in our system, create or edit an email project using our Simple or Advanced editors.

Note: The image gallery is accessible in any of our applications that allow you to insert images. The following steps assume you are working with our Simple Editor in our email application.

Once you have opened an email project, drag and drop an image block from Drag and Drop Elements at the top of the page. Click on Choose Image to view your image gallery which displays all of the images you have uploaded to our servers.

Is anyone else able to access my images?

Absolutely not. Those images are specific to your account, and nobody else will be able to view, add to, or interact with your specific image library.

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