Are opened emails and click-throughs tracked?

Are opened emails and click-throughs tracked?

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Are opened emails and click-throughs tracked?

Yes, opened emails and click-throughs are automatically tracked with SimplyCast.

You can view open rate tracking and click-through tracking results of your email marketing campaigns through the "Reports" tab in the Email Marketing dashboard.


Mailto: links in email message content cannot be tracked. These are links people click on to send an email.

Why would I want to use tracking links?

Tracking links provide important details about the number of people coming in from various campaigns, what they clicked on, where they were when they discovered you, and more. That data can be used to tighten the marketing process considerably, as can any web tracking data.

Can you track anything else?

With the introduction of SimplyCast Sonar, we gained the ability to use a tracking pixel, which you can find other FAQs describing. It allows you to track activity on your web page after the link has brought them in, and does so much more effectively.

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