Can you break down the Sonar Dashboard?

Can you break down the Sonar Dashboard?

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Can you break down the Sonar Dashboard?

Sure thing. Here's everything you need to know about the items on the Dashboard.

  1. Trackers Created - This space details the number of trackers created in the last week and the percentage that number has changed. The date boxes can be clicked to bring up a calendar. This will enable the time frame to be widened or narrowed as necessary.
  2. Total Hits - This display shows the total number of clicks in a week and the percentage change based on the previous week. The time frame can again be altered in the same means as the trackers created.
  3. Unique Hits - Based on cookie, browser and IP address, unique hits measures how many individual people view your site and displays the current numbers compared to the previous time frame. The time frame can be changed the same as the previous two.
  4. Clicks Over Time - This graph shows the total number of clicks or interactions your trackers have received over time, and can be modified using the zoom buttons in the upper left, the text boxes in the upper right or the tabs on the bottom just above the scroll bar in either corner. Modifying the graph will lengthen or shorten the time span the graph shows, allowing you to focus in as wide or tight as you need. Hovering your mouse over each day will tell you the number of clicks for that day.
  5. Browser Breakdown - This pie chart breaks down each of the browsers your visitors are using, to give you a better idea of which browsers to support and what your customers prefer to use. from each segment, you will see an offshooting line that points to the name of the appropriate browser, as well as the percentage of clients using that browser. Rolling your mouse over the browser name will display the number of visitors using that browser.
  6. Top Links - This last space displays your top performing trackers for you to see, listing the number of total clicks, the description and the number of unique clicks. This is an excellent resource for knowing your most successful projects. If they show up here, they were among your best projects.

Will Sonar always look like this?

We can't promise that since we're always looking for better ways to do things for the customer and make the app more accessible and easy to read. But we can promise that any changes will bring with them FAQs and support.

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